Saturday, July 18, 2009

How to Put Up a Heliport – Part 2: Site Selection

The first thing to be considered in putting up a heliport is the feasibility of the location. There are three (3) major issues that must be considered when selecting a location for the heliport, these are:

1. Noise Issue

In order to avoid future noise problems, the location of the heliport and orientation of the helicopter paths should be so selected to minimize interference with areas approved for residential use and other noise sensitive areas close to the heliport.

2. Safety Issue
  • Proximity to other Aerodrome. The location of the heliport should be selected so as not to endanger the safety of aircraft operations, taking into consideration the proximity to other aerodromes and landing sites including military aerodromes.
  • Helicopter Paths. For safe missed-approaches, the heliport must have at least two take-off climb and approach paths, separated by not less than 150°. These paths should be so selected so that the helicopter can be maneuvered in the aerodrome traffic circuit clear of any obstructions, and not in conflict with the aerodrome traffic circuit or instrument approach procedure of any other aerodrome. The selected approach and take-off paths are such that an autorotative landing can be conducted without any undue risk to any person on the ground
3. Security Issue

The location should be at the area where sabotage, such as hard objects thrown at the turning rotor blades and other similar security issues, would not likely to occur. The location should be away from higher buildings or terrains that are in close proximity with the heliport.

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